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“For many years, I took French courses at the free government centers but felt that I wasn’t progressing at all. I had the same experience with courses offered through the universities; I was so discouraged and frustrated because I was constantly placed in large classrooms with mixed groups of students and ultimately, I wasn’t seeing any results. Communications Anima is the reason why I am now able to speak and write with confidence. Their approach to teaching is realistic, practical and effective. Thank you Anima!”
Edward Hoodfar, D.D.S. Dental Surgeon, Dental Olympic
“I am very satisfied with the private courses offered by Anima. I greatly appreciated the flexibility of the teacher’s schedule. Since the beginning of my courses, I have gained a lot of self-confidence when speaking English. Thank you!”
Isabelle Roy, Project Engineer, Merck Frosst
“I can best describe the services offered by Communications Anima by their professionalism, their expertise and the concern to respect my learning goals by going at my rhythm all the while offering me a lot of flexibility for my schedule.”
Jean Rousseau, Senior Project Technician, Merck Frosst
« I have taken two French sessions at Communications Anima over the past 19 years. My first experience was with a full-time group course over several weeks. Most recently I have been taking private lessons with one of the instructors. I am very impressed by the professionalism of the school, courses and teachers and as a result of these courses have become comfortable working in French. I highly recommend Communications Anima to anyone who is looking to improve their language skills within a friendly learning environment.»
Howard Modlin M.A.
“In the weekly English classes, the professor and students really insist on oral practice. Personally, this allowed me to search for words less often during my discussions with clients, both in terms of terminology relating to professional language as with everyday language. My vocabulary and sentence structure have also improved.”
Christelle Noupa, B.A.A. Advisor,
Member Services Group Savings Representative for Desjardins Financial Services Firm
“A very instructive class, adapted to our needs. We learn a lot, all the while having fun, and in a great ambiance too.”
Stéphanie Dauriac, LL.B. Advisor,
Personal Finances Team Lead Group Savings Representative
for Desjardins Financial Services Firm
“I’ve been attending Communications Anima for the past three years. I took group classes and am currently taking private lessons. I am very satisfied with the welcome, preparation, professionalism and support offered by the staff. The involvement of students in their learning plan is encouraged and required. The whole team takes the students’ success to heart.”
Lise Levac, retired school teacher
“I started taking French Classes mainly to improve my communication skills at work. I have not only been able to put together more meaningful sentences, but I am also confident to speak French now. I am very glad I chose ANIMA, the entire staff is professional, well organized and accommodating. My teacher, Jocelyne, was excellent. She was always flexible to adjust the class to my specific needs allowing for an ideal learning environment. Très bons résultats, merci beaucoup.”
Dina Khafagi, Manager, Institutional Contracts
“Working with Communications Anima has been an integral part of putting our shows together as we often require a very quick turn around. Translation is not just about words, it's about meaning and feeling, and for exhibitions to be successful, this understanding on the part of the translator is of the utmost importance. Communication Anima both comprehends this and delivers quality work every time. I will definitely be utilizing their translation services for upcoming exhibitions. »
Dominique de LaBruère Toth
PropagArt • Project Manager
Expositions Bodies, Titanic et Les chroniques de Narnia
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