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Corporate Language Training Programs

Without question, in today’s competitive business environment, a thorough knowledge of both French and English is not just important: it’s essential. In addition, since many companies strive to expand into the global marketplace, there is a growing need to develop skills in ‘international’ languages such as Spanish and Mandarin. Executives experiencing a career change, professional business people and administrative personnel are all looking to improve their language skills in order to advance in or make changes in their present career; improve your marketability and get down to business with Communications Anima! 

Our instructors design programs suited specifically to answer your needs for your line of work; whether your goal is to develop your communication and interaction skills with colleagues, employees or business associates, we are confident that we can help you succeed.  Business negotiations, persuasion skills and role-play exercises are all a part of a program that will help you reach your goals quickly and effectively.

To enhance your communications skills and build toward a better, more profitable future, Communications Anima is the right choice for all the right reasons.

Communications Anima is registered with Emploi Québec: Accreditation number 0017887 (Corporate Tax Credit: Bill 90 : 1%).

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