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Communications Anima Ltd. is a private language center that has been serving the West-Island and its various surrounding areas since 1982.  We offer specialized and professional language courses focusing on oral and written French and English.  Our staff of instructors has the professional experience, as well as the educational background, required to teach everyone from foreign students to working professionals seeking a promotion or a career change, and students of all ages. 

High-quality language training programs that combine the everyday use of a target language (phrases, idiomatic expressions and business terms) along with its cultural aspects (etiquette, negotiations, and business know-how) are exactly what make us the professional’s choice.  Regardless of their objectives, all our students can benefit from our tailored programs based on the analysis of their linguistic needs in their daily activities.

Our unique and personalized teaching methods developed by our professional staff of linguists along with our experience in this ever-evolving field have proven to be highly successful in aiding our clients to acquire working fluency and raise their level of proficiency in a target language.

Did you know?  Communications Anima has been featured in countless magazines and various publications such as Sélection de Reader’s Digest and The Gazette as a top influential member of the language industry.  The article details our personalized teaching method as not only the key factor that sets us apart from our competitors but ultimately as the key to our students’ high success rate.

Communications Anima is certified by Emploi Québec: Accreditation number 0017887 (Corporate Tax Credit: Bill 90 : 1%).

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