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*Is it necessary for me to take a placement test if I am not a beginner?

Yes!  The placement test aids the evluator / instructor in determining your level, as well as your objective.  Following a thorough written and oral evaluation, your instructor will be able to build an effective course plan for the duration of your program, thus allowing for a much more conducive learning experience. 


*Do you offer group courses?



*Do you offer private courses, as in one-to-one instruction?

Yes, we offer private as well as semi-private courses (two students and one instructor). These courses are ideal for students who have a clear objective in mind and need a flexible schedule in order to accommodate their varying availability. For example, if you are a marketing representative you may prefer to focus on perfecting your sales pitch to clients rather than simply practicing casual conversation. Also, your courses will most likely be scheduled around your meetings and / or office hours.  Private and semi-private courses are always tailor-made to the your specific needs and areas of interest; the schedule is very flexible because it is based on your availability.


*Do you offer on-site company courses?

Yes, we are pleased that throughout our 31 years in business, we have taught an extensive list of companies from the West Island and its surrounding areas. In addition to offering these courses at our West Island facilities, our instructors can also offer on-site courses at your company in a private or group setting. We understand how valuable your time is and will work around your schedule to accommodate you.

*I need to take the OLF exam(Office québécois de la langue française). Are your instructors able to prepare me effectively?

Yes, in fact we pride ourselves on the high success rate of our students who have passed the OLF exam ranging from dentists to nurses, engineers, dental hygienists, ultrasound technicians, accountants and many other professions. We understand just how intimidating and frustrating it may be to prepare for this exam, especially when it affects your career; so fear no more and let us take the stress off of your shoulders! Our teachers are not only familiar with the requirements of this exam, but most importantly, they have the professional experience required to properly identify your strengths and weaknesses . Based on your profession and needs, a course plan is created with specific activities and exercises aimed at preparing you for all four parts of the OLF exam.

*Are these courses tax-deductible?

Yes, we are pleased to inform you that all our courses are tax-deductible. Upon request, we will provide you with the necessary federal and provincial tax receipts.


*What is Bill 90 :1%?

If your employer/company is paying for your courses, it would be worth mentioning that our establishment qualifies for Bill 90 : 1%; this means that your employer/company may bill the cost of these courses as a training expense for the company.

*Will I receive regular progress reports regarding my employee's performance ?

Yes, upon request, we will gladly provide you with a weekly or monthly progress report of each of your employees!

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